About Us

TWO FOOTWEAR ENGINEERS have launched their highly anticipated label MARCUS TAURUS with a series of atomic bombs of mass distraction

Their brand focuses on bringing runway style and street fashion together. This concept is aptly justified by the quote from this very famous writer i.e. SAMUEL JOHNSON " the most heterogeneous ideas are yoked by violence together". The only contradictory aspect to our atomicbomb-mass-distraction as compared to the above mentioned quote is that we put in love and happiness as opposed to violence in the process of "yoking".

We work to deliver the best of both the worlds with each release. Each pair is handcrafted and hand-finished using great quality materials and premium craftsmanship. Our label is headquartered in New Delhi, India & we deliver globally.


                    "FROM OUR HEAD & HEART, TO YOUR FEET" 

                                        - MARCUS TAURUS